Land and Landscape Consultation

Consultations are different from coaching opportunities as they are more geared towards landscape design and implementation possibilities, they tend to be less hands-on and more conceptual. I can give you ideas on design, and plant species. We can talk about water infiltration and soil health, offer knowledge on site specific functional plants. Afterwards, you will receive a written overview of our time together with information about what we discussed any extra relevant information such as plant lists, short implementation plan, and resources.

$80 hour plus drive time one way

What your consult can provide

  • Site Analysis
  • Identify your current plants and how to care for them
  • Conceptual ideas for planning 
  • How to improve/edit a mature landscape
  • Instruction on how to care for existing plants
  • Suggestions for difficult usage areas
  • Suggestions for designing and layout of plants
  • Help prioritizing a plan of action for your land projects
  • A consultation review and resource documents which can include plant lists will be prepared within 3-5 business days of our site analysis.